We are delighted to host this intensive workshop with one of the florists that we admire the most, in a magical period of the year for the farm.  Daffodils, our signature flowers, and other spring bulbs will be in full bloom.


To have a better idea of Susan’s recent work and for a good dose of inspiration please check her Instagram here 



From Sue:

I believe that florists are artists! As such, we only grow when we focus on making work that excites us and allows us to express our unique creativity. To make exciting work, we must continually explore new ideas and allow ourselves the time to practice and test.  This is how we evolve, stay engaged, and at the same time, create innovative work that draws the public in and makes them more curious about what florists are capable of. This is how we elevate our craft and push floristry forward! This intensive, purposely set in one of the most beautiful places in the world,  is designed to introduce you to a set of skills, practices, and ideas that will transform how you approach your work with flowers.

Join us at Olga’s Flower Farm near Lake Como for a rejuvenating and creative two days full of early spring flowers, wonderful food, fellow flower lovers, and inspiration. On day one, we will explore floral jewelry, accessories, and innovative headpieces. On day two, we will create dynamic, transparent  “work of art” bouquets that float, dance, cascade, and can even be worn as headpieces. We will also create an artful centerpiece in a locally made ceramic vessel with the farm treasures of early spring including numerous narcissus species, tulips, hyacinth, fritillaria and blooming branches. Treat yourself to two information packed days with fellow floral artists and incredible seasonal flowers. Your work will be worn by a model and professionally captured for your portfolio.



9AM: Coffee, introduce everyone


9:30-10:15: Farm tour and introduction to the flowers of the day
10:15-11:15: Demo a number of innovative floral jewelry ideas


11:15-1:00: Students make a few wearable projects


1:00-2:00: Lunch


2:00-3:00: Demo a number of headpiece ideas


3:00-5: 00: Students make their own



9AM: Coffee, time for thoughts and questions


9:30-10:30: Demo a number of innovative bouquet ideas


10:30-12:30: Students make their own


12:30 to 1 or 1:30: Lunch


1:30-2:30: Demo centerpiece


2:30-4:00: Students make their own


4:00- 5 or 5:30: photographer and model to get shots of student work



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